Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sir Philip Burne-Jones (1861–1926)

Sir Philip Burne-Jones (1861–1926) was the son of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, and a highly successful artist in his own right, both as a painter and as an illustrator.

His most famous painting, The Vampire, inspired an equally famous poem by Rudyard Kipling, which in turn inspired the 1915 film A Fool There Was, which made a star of Theda Bara and created the movie vamp.

Although he was overshadowed by his more famous father he had an interesting style of his own, and he certainly chose some intriguing subject matter.

Sir Philip Burne-Jones, The Gallows Ghost, 1895

Sir Philip Burne-Jones, Earth-rise from the Moon, 1891

Sir Philip Burne-Jones, The Vampire, 1897

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