Friday, June 24, 2011

Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)

Francesco Hayez (1791-1882) was a leading figure in the Romantic movement in Italy. His output includes a large number of rather grandiose history paintings and some remarkably sensual nudes. His painting of Mary Magdalene is one of the more openly erotic of 19th century religious paintings. His career was an exceptionally long one and he was still producing work when he was in his late 80s.

Francesco Hayez, Ballerina Carlotta Chabert as Venus, 1830

Francesco Hayez, Bather, 1832

Francesco Hayez, Ulysses at the court of Alcinous, 1813-15

Francesco Hayez, Ruth, 1835

Francesco Hayez, Sicilian Vespers, 1846

Francesco Hayez, The New Favorite (Harem Scene), 1866

Francesco Hayez, The Penitent Mary Magdalene, 1825

Francesco Hayez, Odalisque, 1867

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