Saturday, April 27, 2013

Francisco Soria Aedo (1898-1965)

Francisco Soria Aedo (1898-1965), Spanish painter. If you’ve ever done an art history course or perused an art history book you might well have gained the impression that the story of 20th century art was the story of the triumphant march of modernism, that once Cubism appeared schools of art like Pre-Raphaelitism and the academic style were swept into the dustbin of history. In fact many 20th century painters refused top have any truck with modernism and clung stubbornly to the ideal that art is supposed to inspire us rather than to demoralise us, that art should be about beauty and truth rather than ugliness and misery. Painters such as Francisco Soria Aedo. Modernist critics did their best to expunge the names of such artists from the historical record but today, thanks to the internet, they are being slowly but surely rediscovered. Francisco Soria Aedo3 Francisco Soria Aedo7 Francisco Soria Aedo2 Francisco Soria Aedo5 Francisco Soria Aedo4 Francisco Soria Aedo1 Francisco Soria Aedo6 Francisco Soria Aedo8

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