Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back over 2015

Just reviewing the past year of blogging here. And the five years since I started the blog. Looking back over the stats I notice that by far my most popular all-time post was on Belgian painter, Léon Herbo. I’m not really sure why that one post attracted so much attention! Other popular posts were on Arthur Hill (an artist so obscure I know nothing whatsoever about him), Dutch painter Theo Molkenboe and English painter  Robert Wiedeman Barrett Browning. It’s pleasing to see than an Australian artist made my top five - Norman Lindsay. What this does suggest is that posts on little-known artists seem to attract the most interest.

Most of my page views come from the United States, but with Russia in second place followed by Australia.

When I started this blog I intended to cover 19th century poetry as well as painting. That was an idea that got quickly forgotten - perhaps I should revive it?

Traffic overall has been fairly slow this year although with a bit of a spike last month.

I’m hoping to continue blogging pretty regularly in 2016. And since he's evidently so popular here's another Léon Herbo painting for you.

Léon Herbo, La Charmeuse, 1890

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